Learn How To Program with the Computer Science Coding School

Learning how to program isn't for everyone, it can be difficult, but for those genuinely interested and willing to put in the time, it couldn't be easier than with the CSCS.org.uk, the Computer Science Coding School.

CSCS.org.uk is a free online tutorial site which provides free and comprehensive online lessons in Computer Science's coding, programming, software development and software engineering area.

The first website we have produced is HOW TO PROGRAM IT which is a beginner's online interactive site for learning how to program.

In the future we will also be creating other articles and perhaps microsites, not necessarily at the coding level, but at a higher level discussing business and project management issues associated with software development.

It's not all work. We'll mix in converging media elements too, like gaming and music. If you are looking for some relaxing chilled out acoustic music to listen to whilst programming, check out this singer songwriter's website, where you can listen to the musician's debut album for free. There's even a song about a maze, track 3 on the music album, about the dangers of spending too much time playing video games and getting absorbed in a computer virtual life (spening too much time programming or facebooking). The singer songwriter should know about this, since he is also a programmer!